Human Resources Applications

Orientation: During the probation period which ends in one month, basic orientation (adaptation period), trainings that provide improvement in patient and physician relations and hands on trainings are provided to the personnel who has started working at Kani-Lab by working with rotation on all the latest technological devices.

Management-Coaching: Within the framework of the policy of ensuring business peace in working atmosphere, it is mentored and operated by professional managers to ensure harmonious team work.

Remuneration: Within the framework of the equal work equal pay policy, wages are paid according to the working day and performance at work.

Health and Safety: In accordance with the policy of maintaining work efficiency by watching over the holistic health of the employees, it employs sufficient numbers and qualified personnel and sustains its employees regular shift times.

Employee Relations: It sees employee satisfaction and patient satisfaction as interconnected concepts and conducts systematic activities to support staff loyalty according to its results by conducting regular surveys and analyzes.

Education: The Company sends employees to scientific congresses and seminars to update their professional knowledge and encourages them to continue their further education. By making annual plans for their personal development, they regularly receive training from inside and outside of the institution.

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